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To be an active force for economic and professional development in our Arab countries, this will have a positive impact on the social development.


The Federation is an association of Arab countries' employers operating in the sector of engineering industries which aims at contributing to defending the interests of member companies within the framework of society public interest in all forums and through: coordination and active participation in issues related to plans and programs of economic and professional developments in the Arab countries, capacity building to achieve impact and effectiveness in these fields, upgrading the industries to the international level of competitiveness, and strengthening the capacities of young industrialists.


Provide a regional platform for:
1. Building relationships that are based on trust in knowledge and professionalism with governmental bodies in our Arab countries (including the League of  Arab States and the Council of Economic Unity…etc.), with employers' organizations, and with specialized scientific, professional, and sectoral organizations in the Arab world and on the int'l level.
2. Establishing alliances with national/regional/international organizations and other sectoral associations to achieve effectiveness and efficiency in realizing our mission.
3. Playing an active role in strengthening efforts of economic, social, and professional development in general
4. Supporting efforts of developing the business environment and infrastructure (quality - education & training - ...) in the Arab countries in particular


1. Provision of specialized services for the members which falls within the Federation's priorities, at a high level of quality, and responding to the requirements of each country.
2. Contributing to development projects and initiatives which benefits the industrial sector as a whole as well as the engineering sector.
3. Building capacity to play an active role as a counterpart in the economic development
4. Cooperating with federations & employers' associations and regional/int'l organizations in achieving our aims, and improving relations with donors & all related entities
5. Promoting exchange and cooperation amongst members to encourage investment and bilateral trade and create links in the Arab world


- Participating in meetings and building opinions via consultation among members on the issues of interest (policies, legislations, ...)
- Sponsoring and conducting conferences and seminars on topics of common interest as agreed.
- Representing members' interests in all meetings, seminars, conferences and events related to the social and economic development on the national, regional, and int'l levels.
- Contributing to the informed-decision making (policies, legislations, programs…) on issues affecting the companies and their societies.
- Involvement in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of supra-national projects in the Arab world and development programs undertaken by national or international organizations.
- Promoting industrial projects that are economically feasible.
- Cooperating with other employers association, governmental institutions (Arab and national), and other professional organizations in fields of interest.
- Capacity building activities within AFEI structures and for staff in member companies.
- PR activities to promote the role of AFEI as a sectoral employer organization on the national, regional, and int'l levels.
- Coordinating the documentation and reporting of members' contributions on the national then regional levels.
- Availing information about common issues of interest, AFEI stand and opinions, activities and contributions, and updates in the countries to the members and other institutions.
- Management of membership with the aim to expand the scope of AFEI contributions in development and growth.

Outputs (short-term results)

- Lobbying for the interest of companies in the sector and their communities
- The visibility of the AFEI on the national, regional, and int'l levels.
- Networking amongst members, as well as with associations, organizations, & donors.
- Awareness of the AFEI role in the economic/social development
- Partnership and dialogue with government and organizations.
- Building capacity for AFEI to play its role, and for staff in member companies
- Members' support to the development of business environment and infrastructures in their countries.

Outcomes (mid-term results)

- Increased linkages between members and with different organizations/associations nationally, regionally, and internationally.
- Lower barriers facing the companies in the sector within the Arab countries.
- Better relationships with governmental agencies, employer associations, professional organizations based on trust in knowledge & ethical values
- More active members of AFEI.
- Strengthened role of members in economic/social developments in their countries.
- Better harmonized policies and more enabling legislations and measures affecting the sector in the Arab countries

Impact (long-term results)

- Improved effectiveness of sector representation in supporting developments on the national, Arab & int'l levels oriented towards integration and harmonization.
- More enabling business environment and supportive infrastructure

Highly aggregated impact

Capacities for economic and professional developments are strengthened by the active & effective role of AFEI in the Arab countries